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Change It Up

Breezing through the same exercise day after day isn’t going to transform your body, it adapts which can slow progress.

Mix up your activites and exercises to keep your body guessing and ensure that you reap maximum rewards for all of your hard work!

Find Time

The time is there, 45-60 minutes a day is the exercise recommendation – but this doesn’t have to all come at once…. If you walk to and from work, take the stairs rather than the lift, and attend a 30 minute class at lunch, then you’re likely to have smashed the target before you’ve even left work.

Feel Good

About 25% of the population hate the way they look whilst exercising. But let’s face it, most people are too concerned with their own jiggling to notice what you look like! But if you’re still not convinced, there are studies which show that being kit confident can have a knock-on effect on motivation, so it may be worth treating yourself to some snazzy gym wear. Look good, feel good.

Appreciate the Effects

For 63% of us, sweating is the key issue. You sweat to regulate your rise in temperature as your heart rate increases. But sweating is not only for comfort, it also enlarges your pores, and clears away all of the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface.

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