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How to get the Family Active Together over the Summer Holidays

As a parent, it’s important to set a good example for your kids. Your children see what you do and learn that that’s the way they should be, too. That’s why it’s important that you not only appear active in front of your children but also get them in the habit of staying active. If you’re not sure what activities you can do with your kids, consider some of these fun, family-friendly options.

  • Park Day

Make use of any nearby parks by taking your kids out and letting them run wild. The different obstacles and pieces of equipment will allow them to experiment while also giving them different workouts. In some park there are park gyms that are free to use and will also give you the opportunity to get active join in and show them how it’s done.

  • Visit a Trampoline/Water/Theme Park

Not every family has the money or the space for a trampoline, but luckily for those who can’t get enough of jumping, trampoline parks have become quite popular in recent years. These trampoline parks are often small warehouses packed wall-to-wall with trampoline floors and foam pits. Best of all, it’s fun for all ages.

  • Give everyone a holiday job

There are many things you can do round the home that will not only keep you active, but help you to maintain a consistent routine and keep the house in order. There are many ways you can make a weekly (or even daily) activity in your family. For example, Monday is Gardening day, Tuesday is cleaning day, Wednesday is washing day, Thursday is free time, Friday is dinner day where you can all prepare a nutritional meal together and Saturdays an adventure day with an outdoor activity such as a bike ride, swimming or walking and Sunday is always a rest day. This has the added benefit of introducing your children to being organised and setting ground rules.

  • Hold Walking Competitions

Here’s a fun idea: hand out pedometers to everyone in your family and see who can rack up the most steps in a week. Keep track of everyone’s daily progress on a whiteboard on the fridge, and give out rewards to the reigning champions. Hopefully, a little competition will spur everyone to be more activity in their day-to-day routine.

  • Play Some Active Video Games

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’! If you’re struggling to get them away from screens, then introduce a compromise such as Pokémon Go where they have to go out and about to find creature or the Wii where they have to be standing up and moving around the play the games: They can play video games, as long as they’re active games.

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