FREE Fitness Class Pass Timetable

Brand NEW classes added including, Circuits, Cardio Combat, Core, GRIT, LBT, Zumba and more!

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Cramphorn Theatre

Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre

Dovedale Sports Centre

Riverside Ice and leisure Centre

South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre

Writtle College

Please read the terms and conditions below of the usage of FREE Fitness Class passes before you request your pass. Please use the Get it Touch form once you have chosen the fitness class you would like to try.

Terms and Conditions

  • Must be pre-booked in advance by using the Get in Touch form
  • Only fitness classes listed are approved for free class pass and classes listed are subject to change
  • Not applicable to existing gym users
  • Subject to satisfactory completion of PARQ
  • Offer valid for new customers only (Those that have not attended in the previous six months)
  • One class pass per person
PilatesMonday12.30-1.15pmCramphorn Theatre, Civic Centre, Coval Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE
DarrenMind and Body
PURE Stretch – coming soon!Thursday 9th March1.15-2pmCramphorn Theatre, Civic Centre, Coval Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE
SarahMind and Body
Buggy FitnessMonday9.30-10.30amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreClaireCardio
Fight ClubMonday10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarahCardio
Forever Fit (50+)Monday10.30-11.30amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreGym teamCardio
Boxercise Monday5-6pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentrePhilCardio
Body Pump * Monday 6-7pmCardio – Fun and challenging circuit class with basic boxing movementsEsraStrength
Core StabilityMonday6.15-6.45pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiStrength
Hatha YogaMonday7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreEsraMind and Body
CircuitsMonday 7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiCardio
Sh’bamTuesday9.15-10.30amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiDance/Cardio
Body Pump *Tuesday 10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreEsraStrength
PilatesTuesday 11am-12pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreRachaelMind and Body
Body Conditioning *Tuesday1.30-2.30pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah BStrength
Body Conditioning *Tuesday6-7pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentrePhilStrength
Sh’bamTuesday7-7.45pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiDance/Cardio
BoxerciseTuesday7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentrePhilCardio
Body Pump *Tuesday8-9pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiStrenght
Circuits- NEW!Wednesday9-10amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah BCardio
Forever Fit (50+)Wednesday 10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreGym TeamCardio
Body Pump *Wednesday10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreEsraStrength
Pure stretchWednesday 11.15am-12pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah PMind and Bdy
Body Combat Wednesday6-7pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah BCardio
InsanityWednesday7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiCardio
Body Pump*Wednesday7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreCharleneStrength
YogaWednesday8-9pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreCharleneMind and Body
Body CombatThursday9-10amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah BCardio
Body Conditioning – NEW!Thursday10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah BStrength
CircuitsThursday 5-6pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreGym TeamCardio
PilatesThursday6-7pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreSarah PMind and Body
Body Combat Thursday7-8pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreLouiseCardio
Body Pump*Thursday8-9pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiStrength
Sh’bamFriday9.15-10amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreCharleneDance/Cardio
Body CombatFriday10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreCharleneCardio
Forever fit (50+)Friday 10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreGym TeamCardio
YogaFriday11am-12pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreCharleneMind and Body
Body Pump*Friday5.30-6.30pmChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreJoStrength
Core stabilitySaturday9-9.30amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiStrength
CircuitsSaturday9.30-10.30amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreNaomiCardio
Body Pump*Sunday9-10amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreEsraStrength
YogaSunday10-11amChelmsford Sport and Athletics CentreEsraMind and Body
Forever fit (40+)Monday6.30-7.30pmDovedale Sports CentreKarenCardio
Circuits Monday7-8pmDovedale Sports CentreDerekCardio
power tone – NEW!Tuesday6-7pmDovedale Sports CentreJaneCardio
Hatha Yoga – New!Tuesday7.15-8.15pmDovedale Sports CentreAmyMind/Body
CircuitsWednesday7-8pmDovedale Sports CentreLee/DerekCardio
BoxerciseThursday6.45-7.45pmDovedale Sports CentreDerekCardio
20/20/20Thursday7.10-8.10pmDovedale Sports CentreJamesCardio
Vinyasa YogaFriday6-7pmDovedale Sports CentreCatrinaMind/Body
Legs, Bums & TumsSaturday9-10amDovedale Sports CentreFrancisCardio
RPMMonday6.30-7.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGrahamFitness
Body AttackMonday8.30-9.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreShonaCardio
Core 30Monday9.30-10amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGemma GCore
Sh’bamMonday9.30-10.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaDance/Cardio
Aqua DeepMonday10-10.45amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSharonCardio
LBTMonday10-11amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKathrynCardio
PilatesMonday11am-12pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKathrynMind and Body
Body CombatMonday11.30am-12.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarah BCardio
GRIT*Monday12-12.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreAdamHIIT
CXWORXMonday12.30-1pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreAdamCore
Les Mills SPRINT – NEW!Monday6-6.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WCardio
Body Pump*Monday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineStrength
Body AttackMonday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaCardio
Aqua CardioMonday6.30-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WCardio
Group Cycle – NEW!Monday6.30-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreFrancisCardio
Body BalanceMonday7-8pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaMind and Body
ClubberciseMonday7.05-7.50pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineDance/Cardio
Aqua Tone Monday8-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaCardio/Core
Body Pump*Monday8-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNikkiStrength
Group Cycle – NEW!Monday8.15-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreClaire PCardio
Functional Fitness – NEW!Tuesday6.30-7.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGym TeamCardio
Body Pump* – NEW!Tuesday8.30-9.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCharleneStrength
Body Pump* – NEW!Tuesday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCharleneStrength
Power ToneTuesday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKathrynStrength
Zumba StepTuesday10.30-11.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCharleneDance/Cardio
PilatesTuesday10.30-11.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKathrynMind and Body
Aqua FitTuesday 11.15am -12.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WCardio
ClubberciseTuesday11.30am-12.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineDance/Cardio
Les Mills SPRINT – NEW!Tuesday12.30-1pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WFitness
Forever fit (50+)Tuesday1-2pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKarenCardio
Sh’bamTuesday6-6.45pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNicolaDance/Cardio
Body CombatTuesday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCharleneCardio
Group Cycle – NEW!Tuesday6.30-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEsraCardio
GRIT*Tuesday7-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreAdamHIIT
Body BalanceTuesday7-8pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCharleneMind and Body
CXWORX – NEW!Tuesday7.30-8pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreAdamCore Stability
Group Cycle – NEW!Tuesday7.45-8.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreBeeCardio
ZumbaTuesday 8-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGemmaDance/Cardio
Aqua AerobicsTuesday8.15-9.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNicolaCardio
RPM – NEW!Wednesday6.30-7.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WFitness
Body Pump* – NEW!Wednesday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGeorgiaStrength
Body AttackWednesday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreShonaCardio
Body CombatWednesday10.30-11.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGeorgiaCardio
Insanity*Wednesday10.30-11.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNaomiHIIT
Body BalanceWednesday11.30am-12.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGeorgiaMind and Body
Body Pump* – Retro – NEW!Wednesday12-1pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreClaireStrength
HIIT 30*Wednesday6-6.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineHIIT
Sivananda YogaWednesday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJanaMind and Body
Group Cycle – NEW!Wednesday6-15-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarahCardio
Aqua DeepWednesday6.15-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaCardio
Core 30Wednesday6.30-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineCore
Sh’bam – NEW!Wednesday7.05-755pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaDance/Cardio
Body Pump*Wednesday7.15-8.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineStrength
Aqua NatalWednesday7.30-8.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLizCardio
RPM – NEW!Wednesday8.15-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGrahamFitness
Body Pump*Thursday6.30-7.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGrahamStrength
GRIT*Thursday9.30-10amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSophieHIIT
Group Cycle – NEW!Thursday9.30-10.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSophieCore
Core 30 – NEW!Thursday10-10.25amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJosieCore Stability
LBTThursday10-11amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKathrynCardio
Body Pump*Thursday10.30-11.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJosieStrength
Sh’bamThursday10.35-11.20amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSophieDance/Cardio
PilatesThursday11am-12pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKatherineMind and Body
Hatha YogaThursday11.25am-12.25pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEsraMind and Body
Forever Fit (50+)Thursday11.40-12.35pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarah PCardio
Insanity*Thursday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreKimberleyCardio
Body CombatThursday6-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJamesCardio
Group Cycle – NEW!Thursday6.15-7pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreClaireCardio
Sh’bamThursday6.45-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNaomiDance/Cardio
Les Mills SPRINT – NEW!Thursday7-7.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WFitness
Core 30 – NEW!Thursday7.30-8pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WCore stability
Body Pump*Thursday7.30-8.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNicolaStrength
Aqua Combat Thursday7.30-8.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarah WFitness
Functional Fitness – NEW!Thursday8-9pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreDerekFitness
Group Cycle and Core – NEW!Friday6.30-7.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreDerekFitness
Body Pump*Friday8.30-9.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineStrength
Body Pump*Friday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineStrength
Body CombatFriday9.30-10.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarah BCardio
Core 30 – NEW!Friday10.30-11amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCarolineCardio
Body BalanceFriday10.30-11.30amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreCJMind and Body
ZumbaFriday11am-12pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGemmaCardio
Aqua DeepFriday11.30am-12.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WCardio
Functional Fitness – NEW!Friday11.30am-12.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreGym TeamFitness
Les Mills SPRINT – NEW!Friday12.30-1pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WFitness
RPM – NEW!Friday5.30-6.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreLiz WFitness
Body Pump*Friday6.15-7.15pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNatashaStrength
Yoga FushionFriday7.30-8.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJanaMind and Body
Group Cycling – NEW!Saturday9-9.45amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreBeeCardio
Body CombatSaturday9-10amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNikkiCardio
Hatha YogaSaturday9.45-11amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJanaMind and Body
Body Pump*Saturday10-11amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNicolaStrength
Core 30Satruday11.10-11.40amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNicolaCore Stability
ZumbaSaturday11.45am-12.40pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEsraDance/Cardio
Group Cycling – NEW!Sunday9-9.45amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSarahCardio
Body Pump*Sunday9-10amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNaomiStrength
Sivananda YogaSunday9.55-10.55amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreJanaMind and Body
Insanity*Sunday10.10-10.55amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreNaomiHIIT
LBTSunday10.30-11.15amRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreEmmaCardio
Sh’BamSunday11.15am-12pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSophieDance/Cardio
Body BalanceSunday11.30am-12.30pmRiverside Ice and Leisure CentreSusieMind and Body
LBTMonday6-7pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreJuliaCardio
Pilates Monday7-8pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreJuliaMind and Body
BokwaMonday8-8.45pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreLeanneDance/Cardio
Body ConditioningTuesday6-7pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreBeeCardio
Cardio CombatTuesday7-8pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreClare BCardio
Aqua AerobicsTuesday8-9pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreCathyCardio
Over 50’s Aqua Wednesday2.30-3.30pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreJoCardio
Pump FX*Wednesday6-7pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreBeeStrength
InsanityWednesday7-7.30pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreBeeCardio
Core Stability Wednesday7.30-8pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreBeeStrength
Aqua Aerobics Wednesday8-9pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreKerryCardio
Pilates Wednesday8-9pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreClaire GMind and Body
Couch to 5kmThursday9.30-10.30amSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreRosie/Clare BCardio
Buggy FitnessThursday10-11amSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreClaireCardio
HIIT 30Thursday6-6.30pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreSteve/RosieCardio
Core CircuitThursday6.30-7pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreSteve/RosieCardio
Bokwa Punch and StrikeFriday7.30-8.15pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreLeanneDance/Cardio
Bokwa StepFriday8.15-9.15pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreLeanneDance
Over 50’s Aqua Friday2-3pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreJulieCardio
Insanity*Sunday11am-12pmSouth Woodham Ferrers Leisure CentreBeeCardio

ZumbaThursday5.30-6.15pmWrittle CollegeLauraCardio – Latin dance based aerobic exercise class
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