The importance of a Food Diary

Losing weight isn’t an easy task. If it was we’d all have a body like Beyonce or Channing Tatum!

One of the hardest aspects of weight loss is changing our eating habits and controlling how much we eat. We all know we need to eat well to lose weight but some of us just don’t know where to start or how much they should be eating.

One of the best ways to control how much you’re eating is to keep a food diary.

It’s all too easy to forget about a few mouthfuls of this or a bar of that, if you’re tracking exactly what you’re eating you can identify where you may be having problems or overeating.
Here’s a list of reasons why keeping a food diary is so good to any weight loss journey;

• Mobile phone apps like My Fitness Pal, make tracking food even easier, especially as you can just scan the barcodes and not spend ages entering information.
• Members of Chelmsford Sport & athletic Centre and Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre can link their My Wellness account to My Fitness Pal by logging on at
• You can easily set yourself a calorie target to work towards.
• It makes you more conscious of the food you’re eating so you’re less likely to overeat and ruin your weight loss efforts.
• You are less likely to eat out of habit if you have an idea of how much more food you can eat every day.  Eating in front of the TV is a common habit that can cause people to overeat but if you know already how many calories you have available to eat you’ll be less likely to indulge.
• Knowing how many calories you can consume helps you plan meals in advance.
• You quickly learn the foods that are taking up your calorie allowance and this can help you make better choices to make your calories go further.
• If you have a personal trainer it can help them identify reasons you may be struggling to hit your weight loss goals or give them help in advising you on things you can do to improve your diet.
• You can even see the macronutrient amounts you are consuming every day (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) if you have specific goals like gaining muscle.
• It’s very motivating and makes you feel in control.  It can become a fun challenge to stay under your target everyday once you start to see results.
• Some food diary websites have communities where people share tips and recipes which can help you on your journey.
Once you have been tracking for a while, developed good habits and routines it becomes second nature however for those first few stages of weight loss your Food Diary will be an invaluable tool that can assure success in reaching your goals.

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