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How to prepare for the party season

With Halloween, Bonfire night and the party season fast approaching its time to prepare so all the good work you have done for the year doesn’t go out the window.

With the diaries filling up fast, bookings for Festive meals and different outings planned other things start to become less of a priority especially exercise and diet.

Here are a 10 helpful hints to keep you on the right track.

  1. Plan ahead

When booking up Christmas meals and outing with friends you need to think about where you are going and what you think you will be doing, especially where you are going to be eating. Most Christmas meals have set menus so a great way to help you plan. The best way is to go for a helthy option for main and then indulge a little when choosing you pudding. This way you will fill up on healthy stuff, but not feel like you’re missing out on sweet treats.

  1. Set yourself a budget

One way to help you not drink away those empty calories is to budget what you spent on drink that way once it’s gone it gone. Plus it will help with buying those last minuet gifts you forgot and make you feel better about how much you drank the night before. Always remember when you set yourself a budget leave your credit card at home so this doesn’t temp you to spend more.

  1. Don’t deprive yourself

You don’t just want to eat salad, It’s no fun while everyone else loads and tucks into their plate stacked up with succulent meat and roast potatoes. You can be a bit more relaxed about things, as it’s good to have variety in your diet. Instead go for lean meat and lots of veg this way you will fill full without missing out. Plus is you watching your weight, it’s all about portion control resist going back for seconds.

  1. Eat a good breakfast

If you’ve got a big lunch or dinner planned, make sure you get a healthy breakfast in first. This will ensure you’re not so ravenous come lunchtime that you start eating straight from the buffet, and ensures you get some good nutrients to start off the day (especially important if you’ll be having some drinks later on).

  1. Drink water

By drinking a glass of water inbetween drink or having water alongside wine will not only keep you hydrated, but fill you up. Drinking enough water will also make you less inclined to snack aimlessly and helps to offset the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

  1. Have a pre-party snack

If you eat a healthy snack before you head to a cocktail party, you won’t feel the need to munch through more than your fair share of canapes. But by all means, if you spot those mini quiches you love so much, go ahead and enjoy it.

  1. Don’t skip meals

You’ll only feel worse if you go without dinner in an attempt to balance out the calories you’ll be downing in liquid form at tonight’s party. Plus, you’re likely to be in bed earlier than planned if you’ve got no food to cushion the effects of alcohol. Plan ahead and make time for regular meals.

  1. Avoid a hangover

Far be it for us to tell you to be a teetotaller during the party season, but if you want to look and feel healthy, don’t go overboard. Not making a habit of drinking excessively can often mean you have a better night anyway – you’ll remember the great conversations you had that didn’t involve slurring, won’t fall over on the dance floor and won’t need to leave the party early because the room has started spinning. You’ll be able to get up the next day and enjoy the sunshine, rather than slinking out for a greezy burger and heading back to bed. Do as the French do and maintain an air of class by drinking for taste and pleasure, rather than to win some imaginary race.

  1. Exercise

Make sure you still diary in your exercise as this is then a commitment and it means you will feel better about going. Even if you don’t make it to the gym as often, try and get moving regularly. It doesn’t need to be a chore – arrange to go for a walk with friends, cycle to a nearby café or pack a Frisbee when you head to the beach. Staying active will help you get the most out of the festive season because you’ll have more energy.

  1. Take some time out

Parties are fun, but sometimes you just need time on your own. Schedule a night in to paint your nails and watch that cheesy movie no-one else will admit they want to see. You’ll be a better party guest if you take some time out for yourself.

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