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Start Off as you mean to go on …

Every year it happens we make promises and resolutions that we rarely stick to.

You have to remember that for every change you are willing to make you have to be willing to adapt something else whether it be diet, spending or lifestyle, a goal will only be met when there is a change.

So how do we stick to them?

  • Make them SMART!

S – Specific – If your goal is to get fit then think about how you want to be fit for e.g. weight management, health reasons etc. It needs to be more specific to pin point what you actually want to achieve and need to have a focus or an event (something to train for) a holiday date, wedding, 5km fun run. It can be anything you desire.

M – Measurable – Once you have made your goal specific then you need to take a measurement of where you are starting e.g. picture of yourself now of how to look to compare to later on, a waist measurement or how much body fat you have. If you want to make it more accurate your local gym instructor can carry out some fitness test for you.

A – Achievable – don’t think you are going to drop 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks. Do some research or ask a qualified instructor about what your ultimate goals is and how long it will take you to achieve this.

R – Realistic – You have a desire to be model yourself on someone else, but you have to remember that person is completely different to you. You need to focus on you not on what others are doing. If you measure yourself against other all the time this can be demotivating.

T- Time – Always put a time on your ultimate goal and then break this down into smaller manageable goals. You have short (1-12week), medium (3-6month) and long (6months – 1 year) term goals.

Always make your goals SMART and you shouldn’t go wrong, but the main thing to remember is that something has to change in your lifestyle overall for you to achieve and unless you are willing to give something up or change what you have been doing then you are unlikely to achieve.

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