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Get Ready for Summer – Weight loss

Are you wanting to lose weight for the summer, but do not have enough time on you hands. Do not despair! There is always a way.

Are longer or shorter workouts better for fat loss?

The most common goal is a weight loss goal. Weight loss is the number one goal for over 80% of people. Unfortunately, over 95% of people who try to lose weight, don’t succeed in doing so long-term due to doing the wrong type of exercise.

You need to be realistic when thinking how much time  you have to dedicate to working out, many of us simply do not have the time to be working out for 1-2 hours every day. When juggling a schedule exercise seems to be the first thing that drops off when we get too busy despite our best intentions.

Regardless of what type of exercise or activity you do, its the effort that counts so you should congratulate yourself for actually doing it in the first place! Most people don’t give themselves enough credit when it comes to working out. So instead of focusing on the length of the workout you should focus on its effectiveness of the workout on what you are trying to achieve.

For example,  Having a weight loss goal and doing one hour or cardio everyday for 6 weeks. The notion that the longer I train the more I will lose is not always true. One thing you have to remember about working out is that the type of workout you complete and what difference it will make to your body’s fat loss capabilities.

Lifting weights and focusing one body part such as triceps will make you triceps look great, but isn’t working  as effective as working on two or three muscles groups, such as arms and abs.

That is why incorporating a few different types of training styles together can help you achieve maximum results.

So what are these types of exercises and training styles are out there to help you achieve?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This can be done in 10-15 minutes and has the benefit of what is known as the ‘afterburn’ effect. This means your body will continue to burn fat, even after you have stopped exercising. The HIIT principle is you group muscles in an exercise circuit and do as many such you can in a short space of time with rest in-between each exercise. You this repeat for 2-3 circuits, 30 second on 1 minute off. Effective exercises for grouping muscles include Press ups, Burpees,  Clean & press, Squats and Lunges.

Plyometric resistance training.

This type of training really makes your body work as it incorporates several large muscle groups at any one time with jumping. It is challenging, yet super effective at making your body work hard as well as burn fat & calories, but strengthens and tones. You can take the exercises and principle above, but add weight and jumps to the exercises.

Ultimately, it is possible for you to achieve great results with shorter workouts, so long as you are using them effectively and doing them regularly enough (2-3times a week).

Whilst these types of workouts fit better into most people’s schedules, they also take a little more effort to complete. It is recommended to incorporate a mixture of long and short workouts into your schedule, where possible. Do the long, low-intensity ones workouts when you have time and focus on shorter so you body doesn’t burn out from high-intensity ones and complete these when you are pressed for time.

Remember everybody is different and what works for some people may not work for others. You may need to use trial and error to find what will suit you best. It is important to remember that you do not have to spend every day doing cardio to get great results!

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