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What to eat and When

Did you know that your body works to build and repair muscles 24 hours a day? Not just when you are working out or at the gym! If you want to maximise your workout and also not to feel hungry for junk food afterwards, here are some tips and tasty treats to fuel your body in the right way before and after your workout.

You should be eating a pre-workout snack about 30-60 minutes in advance of your workout. This of course depends upon how your stomach is feeling and if you are really hungry. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you always really hungry after a workout?
  • Do you feel low on energy if you don’t eat before training?
  • Do you eat because you are bored?
  • How much water have you drunk during your day?

People who work out regularly usually need extra healthy snacks to help satisfy hunger, fuel their workouts and aid in post workout recovery. If you are following healthy eating plan, the meals you are eating should be enough to sustain you for the duration of your day. Some of these snack ideas can either be added to your daily routine as an alternative or if you feel you need a boost!

Here are some tasty ideas for a pre-workout snack and are nutritious and yummy!

Apple & Peanut Butter For a quick fuel up slice an apple of your choice and serve it with 2 tbs all natural peanut butter. Cut the apple up and take a separate pot of peanut butter to dip! Remember Peanut butter is full of good fats, but don’t eat too much of it.

Fruit Cup This can be any of you favourite fruit I would recommend strawberries or grapes as thse do not even need cutting up. Keep it simple with this sweet snack that will give you a natural sugar boost!

Eggs On Toast If you are feeling hungrier try this quick and filling snack that will give you a burst of energy. Hard boil 1 or 2 eggs, and serve on wholemeal toast.

Peanut Butter On Toast Toast some wholemeal bread. Top with 1 tbs natural peanut butter  for an extra kick of sweetness add some sliced banana.

Post workout snacks are super important as they help to restore energy and rebuild muscle you have worked on during training. If you eat a post workout snack, you will also minimise the temptation to binge on something unhealthy later on when you feel really really hungry! The trick is to choose the right snacks that will give you optimum nutrients and keep you feeling full!

Here are some tasty ideas for a post-workout snack and are nutritious and yummy!

A Banana or Banana Sandwiches Banana have many benefits as well as being super rich in electrolytes  to help your salt and sugar levels in your body they are packed full of energy.

Tuna & Wholegrain Crackers/toast You can even prepare a sandwich and take it with you to eat after you have finished your training. Tuna is a great source of protein to help growth and repair and the wholemeal crackers/bread will keep you full for

Scrambled Eggs on toast Scramble 2 whole eggs and to add some colour and flavour you can tosh in a handful of spinach have on some wholemeal toast and you have got yourself one good looking healthy and tasty meal.

Grilled Steak, mashed Sweet Potato and Greens This is more of a dinner after you have finished your workout. This is very hearty and filling this will also need to be prepared at home, but is so worth it. You need to make sure the beef is lean and not too fatty. You do not want to make sure you have to many carbohydrates, but serve equal portions of both sweet potato.

I hope these simple yet effective snacks and dishes have helped. The key is to remember if we want to fuel our bodies to perform at their absolute best we have to eat foods that are wholesome and natural. Remember food is for pleasure, but if you over indulge in the wrong things you will not reach your goals.

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